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3 Ways to Use Your Dishwasher Efficiently for Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

No Need to Pre-Rinse Your Dishes
Contrary to popular belief, relatively modern dishwashers and detergents are actually good at cleaning your dirty dishes. That’s what they are designed to do. You will save a bunch of water, energy, and effort by skipping the pre-rinse step. Some sources argue that you may even achieve better results without pre-rinsing because when modern enzymatic detergents cling to food, they perform better.

We suggest using a different detergent or performing a little bit of maintenance for those who claim their dishwasher does not work without pre-rinsing. You may be surprised at the outcome!

Load it Well
The most important step is to face the dirtiest surfaces downwards in the rack. If the dirty surfaces of your dishes are aimed sideways or away from the wash arms, they will not receive a proper cleaning. Keep in mind that the cleaning action is weakest in the corners of the upper rack, so try to load the dirtier dishes in the center.

In a standard silverware basket, we suggest facing forks and spoons up to reduce the chance they get stuck together. Face knives down to avoid stabbing yourself when emptying the washer. Oftentimes, there are loading tips you can refer to in the manual that comes with your dishwasher.

Simple Maintenance Upkeep
Cleaning your machine a few times throughout the year will boost its performance and keep your dishes good as new. Some indications of when to take action are lingering odors, mineral buildup, or a decrease in cleaning performance. Clean out the filter and run a self-cleaning cycle with an acidic cleaning product.

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