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Washing Machine Maintenance Tips For Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

We’ve got some advice for you to keep your washing machine in tip-top shape.

Inspect the hoses
We recommend metal or fiberglass reinforced hoses over rubber hoses because they tend to split, expand, and break more easily causing flooding. Along with that, we suggest you inspect all external hoses on your machine every so often for any obstructions or problems. Floodgate hoses are not favorable either because they restrict water flow and prevent proper operation.

Use less liquid detergent
Many people do not realize, but the actual amount of detergent necessary to clean clothes is less than what manufacturers call for. The newer high-efficiency washers require less detergent because they are water conservative. You only need about a quarter cap of detergent for a large load. For a standard machine, no more than half a cap of detergent is necessary. This is important because too much detergent can leave a salt residue resulting in stench and mold. To test if you use too much detergent, you can turn your washer to a hot fill on a half-load setting and let it run for three to five minutes. If there is salt build-up in the water, then you know you should cut back on detergent use.

Clean the machine
You can simply purchase washer magic and follow the directions on the bottle, or make an at-home cleaner by pouring a cup of white vinegar and a cup of citrus powder drink mix into your washer, then running a hot cycle.

Load properly
Do not wash sheets or blankets with clothes. Clothes can get wrapped up in them during the cycle resulting in imbalance and can cause damage to the machine. We recommend using either liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets, not both. Too much liquid fabric softener can decrease washability, so dilute the product by 50% in the bottle before using it if you own a high-efficiency washer. If you have a standard machine, use the recommended amount.

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