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Tips for Proper Washer and Dryer Maintenance

1) Empty the Washer of Wet Clothes As Soon As Possible
Remove your clothes from the washer as soon as possible to prevent unpleasant odors, mold and mildew buildup.

2) Perform Periodic Maintenance Washes
Run the empty washer on the hottest cycle using the normal amount of detergent The maintenance washes will keep the machine and drain pipes clean and free from dirt, grease and hard-water salts buildup.

3) Don’t put soiled items in the Dryer
Don’t put any soiled items in the dryer to keep the interior of the dryer clean and the machine running efficiently.

4) Use Liquid Fabric Softener
The dryer sheets leave residue in the dryer, clog vents and reduce dryer efficiency. It is better to use a liquid fabric softener during the washing cycle.

5) Clean the Dryer’s Venting Duct
Clean your dryer’s entire venting system, from the dryer to the outside at least once a year. The outside vent should be free of obstructions. If the duct is plastic or ribbed metal, replace it with smooth metal. If this task seems a bit beyond your DIY capabilities, hire a professional.

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