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Tips for Picking a Fridge for Residents in Naples, Ft Myers, and Charlotte County, FL

Buying a refrigerator is a big investment, so it is pivotal to research many options before choosing the right model for you and your needs. We have some tips you should consider while on your hunt for a new fridge.

Find the right size
To ensure you gauge the maximum width, depth, and height for your new fridge, measure the space it will be located in your kitchen. If you simply measure your existing fridge, you may miss out on a couple more inches of space that could be filled. Take multiple measurements to be sure and remember to measure any baseboards or trim. Most importantly, leave space for ventilation. Buffer space of 1 inch on the top and sides and 2 inches at the back is enough to allow for the fridge’s heat exchange process.

Door style
There are several styles to choose from that offer different storage options. French-door style is typically the most popular at major retailers. Not only is the layout convenient with side-by-side doors for the refrigerator and the freezer at the bottom, but it is also a trend in kitchen designs for visual appeal. Side-by-side models provide half fridge and half freezer space. Many like this layout because there is enough shelf space for both areas and it is not necessary to bend down to access the freezer. Top freezer style can fit smaller spaces and are more affordable.

Consider the finish
Stainless steel tends to be offered in the widest variety, while other finishes are available in fewer models. We recommend checking fridges out in-person as the stainless finish can vary from brand-to-brand. Some are more reflective or finger-print resistant than others. Black stainless steel or slate are common as well. Cheaper fridges offer glossy black and white finishes.

Ultimately the space you have to work with can limit your options, but rest assured you will be able to find a fridge that works best for you by perusing the plethora of styles and price ranges there are to offer.

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