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The Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances

It is essential to regularly clean your kitchen appliances to help prevent build-up and future problems. Spilled food or grease can easily accumulate on appliance handles, switches, and buttons. Cleaning your kitchen appliances often will ensure that they are completely free of dirt, germs, and any grime that may cause malfunctions. Let’s get into the common problems with kitchen appliances and why and how to keep them in excellent shape.

Why is it important to clean your kitchen appliances?

Improved health for your family: Unclean appliances are prone to germs, fungi, and bugs, which are carriers of various types of fungal diseases. Microorganisms tend to thrive in warm areas, so you need to clean appliances regularly. Keep this in mind so you can reduce the chances of infections or sickness for you and your loved ones. After all, everyone wants to eat clean and uncontaminated food.

Reduced utility bills: Dirty appliances have to consume a lot of electricity to produce the desired results. For instance, a dirty oven will have to use more energy to focus its heat on the food inside. Regular cleaning of your appliances will make your devices run smoothly, thus saving you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Increases the lifespan of your appliances: Typically, well-maintained and clean appliances tend to last longer compared to their neglected counterparts. You can also eliminate the need for costly repairs in the future by identifying small issues that need attention while cleaning.

How to clean your kitchen appliances

Refrigerator: The refrigerator is one of the essential appliances in your kitchen. The environment inside, however, facilitates the natural growth of mold. You can prevent the growth and spread by removing all expired food and using a mixture of warm water and soap to thoroughly scrub the shelves and drawers of the interior. Make sure that you dry any wet spots before you put your food back in. For the exterior, examine the condenser for dust and use a broom to get rid of any debris. You should also check and maintain the seals of the fridge.

Coffee maker: Coffee makers are usually prone to mold and germs since they are used daily. Make sure that you pour out all the leftovers and rinse your coffee pot after making your morning cup. Leaving the pot with the leftovers will attract bacteria.

Microwave: A simple spill in your microwave can result in rapid stain buildup. To get rid of the stains, heat up a cup of water and let it sit inside the microwave until steam starts to appear on the microwave’s glass window. Use a sponge to wipe the interior and dry it well before you close it.

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