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Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker Repair Review in Naples, and Fort Myers, FL

Are you tired of not having ice for your drinks during hot summer days? One of our customers had this issue last week. Their refrigerator freezer was not making ice. If your ice maker isn’t working, you’re going to want to find a good refrigerator repair specialist to fix it. Here’s a look at what a customer, Brian of Naples, FL 34103, had to say about his recent experience with fridge repairs when Diamond Appliance Repair based at 17301 Coastal Ridge Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908 made a service call.

Upon inspection of the refrigerator freezer, we found that the ice maker was broken in the front and the back. It was unable to produce and release the ice. The issue that caused the refrigerator freezer to stop making ice was a broken ice maker. It needed to be replaced in order to restore the ice-making function. We installed a new ice maker and tested it thoroughly. After the installation, the refrigerator freezer was able to produce and dispense ice just as it did before the issue occurred.

Brian was very satisfied with the service provided. He was happy that his “wife could enjoy ice in her drinks once again.” If you are experiencing issues with your refrigerator freezer not making ice, it is likely due to a broken ice maker. Contact the professionals at Diamond Appliance Repair and enjoy the convenience of having ice whenever you need it.

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