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Keeping Your Ceramic or Glass Cooktop in Top Condition

Ceramic and glass cooktops have a sleek, unobtrusive modern look that many of our clients love. By following these simple tips from the appliance professionals at Diamond Appliance Repair, you can keep yours looking new.

The first rule to remember: never use abrasives, such as granular cleaners or metal pads, like stainless steel. Use cream cleaners made for these kinds of cooktops and soft rags or sponges.

Avoid using cast iron – the bottoms are often rough and can scratch if moved. Other types of cookware that can scratch are the unfinished bottoms of stoneware pots. Keep the bottom of your pots and pans very clean. Built-up grease can leave marks or stains. And, when you move a pot, lift it and set it in another place, rather than dragging it.

Sugary substances that boil over or spill can be virtually impossible to remove. Take care when cooking them not to spill. You should also put spoons and other utensils on the countertop when you set them down. Food on these utensils can mark or burn on the cooktop, leaving a mess that needs more time to clean – and wooden spoons can actually burn.

Never stand on your cooktop to reach something. Not only is the surface slippery, but heavy weight can permanently damage it.

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