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All gas or dual fuel range – which is the right choice for you?

Today’s cooks can choose between all gas ranges, with gas powering both the cooktop and the oven, and dual fuel ranges, which have gas cooktops and electric ovens. How do you know which will best meet your needs? The appliance professionals at Diamond Appliance Repair have a few quick tips to help you choose.

  • Both types of range offer gas for stovetop cooking, preferred by many cooks because gas enables you to easily see and quickly adjust heat settings.
  • Gas is fine for ovens, too, if you don’t do a lot baking. However, electric ovens provide more consistent results in baking because unlike gas – the temperature does not fluctuate during the baking process.
  • Gas ovens may preheat a little faster than electric ovens – something to consider if you do not do much baking.
  • Dual fuel ranges require both a gas line and a power line. If you replace a gas range with a dual fuel range, an electrician may need to add a new circuit and run a line to the range.
  • Dual fuel ranges may be more expensive than an all electric or all gas range. This option is most frequently offered on higher-end ranges.

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