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Efficiency tips to lower energy bills for residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

We do have some control over our energy use, which can help decrease monthly energy bills. Let’s take a look at the top four energy using appliances and how to use them in a more energy efficient way. If you ever need repairs done to your appliances and you are from the Naples and Ft. Myers, FL area, reach out to us at Diamond Appliance Repair.

The washer and dryer
To save energy, try using cold water whenever possible since the main source of energy use is the heating of water when doing laundry. If you are using an old washer or dryer, consider upgrading to new energy efficient machines to help you save money on lower energy bills over the life-span of the appliance.

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The refrigerator
It is not surprising that refrigerators use up a lot of energy considering they have to remain running at all times to keep our food cool. However, there are some things you can do to reduce its energy consumption. Try to keep your refrigerator temperature at a steady 35°F because every degree below consumes unnecessary energy. Keep in mind that refrigerators manufactured after 1994 are more energy efficient. Lastly, not having many items in your refrigerator can cause high energy consumption since there is more space around the food to cool, so try to keep a decent stock to reduce the waste of energy.

An electric oven or range
If you use your electric oven regularly at high temperatures over 350°F, over time your energy consumption will add up. If you give your cooking routine some minor changes, you can easily reduce your cost. The act of heating the oven to the desired temperature is the part of the cooking process that uses most of the energy. To avoid reheating your oven multiple times, try to cook more meals at the same time. Use the convection setting if you have the option as it is 20% more efficient than the typical bake setting.

The dishwasher
Dishwashers do not use as much energy compared to these other appliances, but the high amount of water consumption is of concern. Try to fill the dishwasher close to full capacity to take advantage of the energy and water used during each cycle. Stick to high volume loads to reduce the amount of cycles, and your utility bills will thank you.

If you live in Naples, Estero or Ft. Myers, and need professional assistance for detailed cleaning or repair of your appliances, call Diamond Appliance Repair – your independent, family-owned appliance repair shop, at 239-687-6999. We’re here to help!