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Considerations For Buying a New Washer and Dryer in Naples, Ft Myers, and Charlotte County, FL

The marketplace is saturated with appliance offerings of all different designs, sizes, and capabilities making shopping for the appliance that’s right for you overwhelming. We want to inform you of how to choose a washer and dryer that suits your needs.

Think about how much laundry you do each week. Do you have to run multiple loads each day because your washer is too small? This can be frustrating and inefficient, but some people prefer it to a washer with larger capacity because it has a longer cycle time. Ultimately your decision lies in whether you value cycle time speed or fitting more clothes in each load.

Washers and dryers measure capacity by laundry weight. Washers measure the weight of dry clothing, but dryers measure the weight of damp laundry. Keep in mind that all of the clothes you fit in a 10 pound capacity washer will not fit in a 10 pound capacity dryer.

If you are concerned about your energy bills, you should place priority in how much water and energy your machines use. Compared to traditional models, ENERGY STAR certified machines use about 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water. Another great option is HE (High Efficiency) models which use about 80 percent less water and 65 percent less energy than traditional washers and dryers. Additionally, they can typically fit more laundry in each load.

Before shopping for a new washer and dryer, measure the available space you have to find options that can accommodate your laundry area. Most appliances average around 33 inches in depth, but this can vary. You also need to factor six inches for venting and hoses. To reduce vibrations and noise, allow one inch around each side and between the appliances. To fully open the door on top-load washers, you need 18 inches of clearance above the appliance.

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