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Appliance Considerations When Going Through a Kitchen Remodel for Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home, but it can be a costly process. A large portion of that cost comes from purchasing new appliances. We have some considerations for whether getting rid of the old and replacing with new is a worthwhile investment.

In a kitchen, the eye is oftentimes directly drawn to the appliances. Thus, the appearance of your appliances will definitely impact the overall aesthetic. An indicative sign for a necessary upgrade is the condition of the finish of your appliances. Take an honest look and ask yourself, “Do my white appliances look discolored?” or “Has the stainless steel finish lost its shine?” If not, think about the look you envision for your new kitchen and if your current appliances will still be an aesthetically pleasing fit or if they will look out of place. Ultimately, there is no sense in updating large details such as cabinets and countertops if outdated appliances will ruin the quality of the kitchen.

A new kitchen should not have appliances that do not 100% work properly. If any of your appliances have quirks or inefficiencies, definitely replace them during the remodel. No one wants a nice, updated space with a leaky dishwasher or a struggling oven. If you’ve had your appliances for awhile, you may be surprised at the new features that are now available. Think about how the up-to-date additions will enhance the functionality of your new kitchen.

If you determine that replacing your appliances is the right move for your remodel plans, make sure to take careful measurements, consider the finishes, look at the feature set, and assess the energy efficiency before making any final purchase decisions.

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