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Where Should You Buy Your Appliances in Naples, Ft Myers, and Charlotte County FL?

A major decision like buying a new appliance should be preceded by a lot of research and self-evaluation. What are your wants and needs from your washing machine, dryer, or refrigerator? Picking the right retailer is just as important as choosing the right brand or model for you. Let’s get into how to choose the best place to make your appliance purchase from.

What makes a great appliance seller?
The best local, regional, or national retailers typically offer free delivery and installation of your appliance, as long as it’s not more complicated than plugging in a power cord and connecting some hoses. They usually haul away your old appliance at no cost as well. Keep in mind that national retailers tend to use third-party delivery services, and their quality can vary. Most stores allow you to choose the delivery date, while others will notify you the day before with an expected delivery window. Great retailers offer weekend delivery.

Manufacturer’s warranty comes with major appliances, which covers parts and labor for one year. Great retailers will negotiate warranty claims on your behalf, speeding up the process since many manufacturers have poor customer service.

What are the good stores?
Independent local or regional stores tend to be the very best. Along with experienced salespeople and elevated customer service, they usually help with all things warranty-related. Some also have their own team of delivery, installation, and service technicians.

A huge perk of choosing these types of appliance stores is that you will likely be communicating with engaged employees throughout the entire decision-making and buying process. In comparison, big retail chains often rely on their websites and informational handouts and can be less knowledgeable about specific appliance details.

Is it better to buy online or in-store?
We recommend you go in-store so you can see and touch the appliance since this hefty purchase will last you around a decade. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and talk through options with a sales associate.

However, shopping online provides you a wider selection of options and easily allows you to filter your search to specific details and needs. You could always search online first and then take to the store to check out the various models that may be the right fit. Ultimately, either route you take when purchasing your appliances should be whatever you’re comfortable with. Nowadays, the process is not much different.

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