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Refrigerator and Freezer Maintenance Tips For Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers,FL

There are several refrigerator and freezer issues that can arise over the lifetime of your appliance. Making sure you check and maintain certain components of the appliance periodically throughout the year can help you avoid complications and the need for repairs.

Here are some refrigerator and freezer parts to maintain:

Condenser Coil
Located at the bottom of the front of the refrigerator is the condenser coil. If the condenser coil is dirty, the refrigeration temperature may become abnormal. You should inspect the condenser coils at least twice per year to ensure proper functioning. To clean them, remove the grill from the front of the fridge, and use a refrigerator coil brush to remove any debris by gently sliding it back and forth and left to right.

The gasket is the seal that surrounds the refrigerator and freezer doors. If there are any tears, heat intrusion can occur causing fluctuating temperatures and improper food preservation. Signs of concern are moisture build up on your fridge shelves and crisper drawers or frost buildup in your freezer. Make sure to periodically clean the gasket to remove any stickiness or food remnants. The gasket should have a nice smooth surface and can be preserved by applying petroleum jelly.

Water Filter
It is recommended to change your water filter every 6 to 12 months. A 12-month period will suffice if you use public water. If you use well-water, the filter should be changed every 6 months. A good indicator that a filter-change is needed, is if there is a reduction in your water flow or ice production. Check your owner’s manual to see if your refrigerator has a water filter. Water filters are often necessary in refrigerators that don’t have a water dispenser just to filter the ice.

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