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Oven Maintenance Tips For Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

Here are some tips to ensure your oven stays in pristine condition.

Check the door seal
Make sure that the door seal around the frame of your oven is soft and pliable to the touch. If it is hard, brittle, or torn, it could result in fluctuating temperatures and poor baking results.

Preheat faster
Preheating your oven can often take 15 to 20 minutes. To reduce preheat times, use the broiling option which preheats your oven in about 10 minutes.

Clean the stovetop
Make sure to clean the stovetop after each use. This will minimize the food and grease buildup around your burner heads that can result in a bad ignition and can become combustible.

Inspect the Burners
Check on the operation of your burners for safety and proper flame height. The flame height should be adjusted on a low setting, and should be a quarter inch above the burner head. If food or grease is stuck on the surface of the unit or coil burners, it will result in poor temperature for conducting heat to your pans.

Self Clean
It is recommended that you use this cleaning setting at least twice a year or when there is a lot of buildup inside the oven cavity. Self-cleaning your oven usually takes 2 to 4 hours. Once the cleaning process is complete, the oven door will not unlock until it is completely cool, which can take up to 30 minutes. Do not force the door open because the lock assembly can get damaged.

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