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Dryer Maintenance Tips For Residents in Naples, Ft Myers, and Charlotte County, FL

Did you know that dryers are a leading cause of house fires in America? It is very important to regularly inspect your dryer to ensure it is running safely. Here are some items to check.

Look at the ventilation system
Your dryer vent should be made of metal or nonflammable material. It can be toxic if it is made of plastic or pvc and catches fire. Another important guideline is the length of your vent pipe. If its distance to the outside of your home exceeds 25 feet, excess lint will be created from back pressure inside the dryer cavity, which is a fire hazard. Keep in mind that any bends in the venting distance adds five feet of distance to the run.

Check air flow issues
If drying time begins to get longer, that is typically a sign of air flow issues. Another sign of decreased airflow is if your lint filter is only catching a partial layer of lint. You should clean your lint filter after every load to keep airflow steady and to avoid starting a fire.

Inspect the lint filter
Dryer sheets can obstruct the airflow in the lint filter, so always make sure no items are stuck on it before running a load. When air flow gets blocked, lint will accumulate incorrectly inside the dryer cavity.

Inspect external wall vent
The wall vent located on the outside of your house lets out the air from your dryer. Usually the external vent has shudders or a flapper that allows the air to escape. Sometimes these inner pieces fall out and rodents get in your vent system obstructing the airflow. Regularly remove any lint buildup around the shudders of the vent and ensure they can open freely.

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