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Questions to Ask When Buying a New Oven for Residents in Naples, and Ft Myers, FL

When purchasing a new oven, oftentimes your kitchen can limit your options based on what it can accommodate. Using that as a starting point, ask yourself these questions to find the perfect oven for your needs.

Freestanding or built-in?
Stick with an appliance that will fit into your current kitchen layout. If you are undergoing a kitchen renovation with the ability to choose a preferred option, there may be more flexibility with a built-in that can be installed at counter height so you don’t have to bend over. There are also double built-in or freestanding options that have two ovens.

What are your cooking habits and preferences?
Being realistic about the features that will be practical for you will help you save money on upgrades that you may never use. If you love to bake and cook, convection ovens speed up cook time and bake your goodies more uniformly. If you stick to the stovetop for your meal prep, you may not news to invest in premium oven features.

What type of power hookup do you have?
Check to see if you have a gas line or just an electric outlet. The electric oven market has seen a sharp increase as people who cook frequently agree that they deliver better results, cooking more evenly than their gas counterparts. If you are in the market for a range, dual-fuel is a good choice that uses two kinds of power: gas for the cooktop and electric in the oven. They allow for the direct heat of a gas burner and the even cooking of an electric oven. Keep in mind that this range-oven combo costs more than the usual one-power-source appliance and may mean getting a gas line installed if you do not already have one.

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